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Merry Christmas 2021: Who is Santa Claus? Is Santa Claus real in 2021, Santa Tracker

Merry Christmas 2021: Who is Santa Claus? Is Santa Claus real in 2021, Santa Tracker The festival of ‘Christmas’ brings happiness, hope, enthusiasm, and fun? People eagerly wait for three things, especially children, on this festival celebrated with pomp all over the world. These three things are cake, Santa Claus and ‘Christmas tree’. People make cakes and decorate the ‘Christmas tree’ in their homes in remembrance of Lord Jesus.  Follow More Update On Newsminatii.in

Merry Christmas 2021

First of all, let’s talk about cake, whether it is India or any other country of the world, it is customary to sweeten the mouth on birthday everywhere. On 25th December also we celebrate the birth of Jesus, that is, the birthday of Jesus is celebrated on this day and the birthday is incomplete without a cake, isn’t it? In European countries, the cake is served in the name of sweet, so it is customary to eat and feed cakes especially on Christmas.

‘Christmas tree’ is not just a tree but a tree of hopes and expectations. It is believed that by decorating this tree, evil spirits are removed from the house and good energy enters. That’s why people started decorating it. The modern ‘Christmas tree’ originated in West Germany. It is believed that in the heaven where the Lord resides, there would be such bright lights and the tree would be showered with stars, fruits, and gifts, that is why the Christmas tree is decorated.

‘Christmas tree’ is the standard of love, faith, belief, let us tell you that ‘Christmas tree’ is an evergreen Douglas, balsam, or fir plant. The first Christmas tree tradition started in Pennsylvania, America, and the first ‘Christmas tree’ was planted at Windsor Castle.

Is Santa Claus real in 2021

Now it is about them, without whom Christmas is incomplete. Yes, we are talking about Santa Claus. Some people call ‘Santa Claus’ ‘Sapne ka Baba’ and some call him God’s angel. Through Santa Claus, every child thinks that God is keeping an eye on his every good and bad thing and Santa Claus’s bundle will fulfill his every wish.


But does Santa Claus really exist? There is no clear proof of this, but let us tell you that Saint Nicholas, born one and a half thousand years ago, is considered to be a real Santa.

Who is Santa Claus?

Saint Nicholas was born in Myra in the 3rd century, 280 years after the death of Jesus. He lost his parents in his childhood. Since childhood, he had great faith in Lord Jesus. He grew up to become a Christian priest and later a bishop. There was no direct relationship between him and Jesus, but some people considered him to be the father of Jesus. One who gives gifts to his child on Christmas because Jesus’ birthday is on Christmas.

santa clause

Santa Claus is also called ‘Sinter Class’.

Saint Nicholas loved children very much and often used to give lovely gifts to poor children, that too wearing a red cap. He was a priest, so his clothes were white, that is why people imagined Santa Claus to be red-white, which distributes gifts to children on Christmas with love. Let us tell you that the Dutch name of Nicholas, ‘Sinter Klass’ has been changed to Santa Claus.


Santa Tracker

Veteran search engine company Google has made the Santa tracker website live on its platform. This website has been specially activated for children. Through this site, children can see the location of Santa in real-time. Along with this, children will also get information about how many gifts Santa has given. Let us tell you that the company has been making the Santa Tracker website live on the occasion of Christmas for the last 18 years.

According to the company, users can access the Santa Tracker website by visiting the web browser of smartphones, computers, laptops, Macs, and iPhones. Here users will see Santa’s current location, their next stop, a live video feed of their journey, and a live map of the estimated time to reach each specific location.

Users will get photos of the locations that Santa has previously covered on the Santa Tracker website. Along with this, information about the gifts that have been delivered by Santa will also be available. Apart from this, users can watch videos from playing games on this website.

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