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“Mechanic Tries To Scam Me, Receives Public Embarrassment In Return” – TmZ Blog


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“Mechanic Tries To Scam Me, Receives Public Embarrassment In Return” #Mechanic #Scam #Receives #Public #Embarrassment #Return Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Getting repairs done on your car is never fun. Inevitably the mechanic finds something that you never thought was a problem, and suddenly your perception of your car shifts from cherished chauffer to dangerous weapon. I personally know nothing about cars, so while I’m always skeptical of a mechanic’s suggestions, I don’t have a valid reason not to trust them. One woman, however, knows for a fact that a mechanic tried to swindle her, so she made sure he didn’t get away with it.

Earlier this month, Reddit user drunken-black-sheep reached out to the Petty Revenge subreddit to share an encounter she recently had with a shady mechanic. r/PettyRevenge, which has 1.4 million members, is for “stories of small victories over those who’ve wronged you” and made the perfect platform for this anecdote. Below, you can read the full story yourself, and decide if you think she handled the situation appropriately. Then if you’re looking for more petty revenge stories, check out this TmZ Blog piece next. 

After taking her car in for a simple oil change, this woman was told by a mechanic that she would need to get $1,500 worth of repairs done

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She decided to play along at first and pretended to believe everything the mechanic was telling her

Luckily the woman knew a thing or two about cars herself, so she was able to call out the mechanic on his attempted scam and publicly humiliate him

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Image credits: drunken-black-sheep

While the average person doesn’t know very much about cars, it can be easy for a mechanic to take advantage of their customers. Apparently, it’s a common issue too. A quick Google search yields dozens of pages and articles warning customers to be wary of common mechanic scams. The McCarthy Auto Group has a list of “The 20 Most Common Mechanic Scams”, and the first one sounds awfully familiar after reading this story: routine maintenance uncovers mysterious problems. “For instance, if you bring your vehicle in for an oil change, a bad mechanic might find broken ball joints that need to be replaced, pushing your repair bill up by hundreds of dollars.” While it’s not impossible for there to be underlying issues with your vehicle, if you’re concerned that the mechanic is trying to rip you off, hear them out then seek out a second opinion elsewhere. 


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