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Mama Coco In Real Life, Age And Complete Details About Mama Coco In Real Life


Mama Coco

Coco is a film about a young man from a musical household who journeys to the afterlife to discover who his great-great-grandfather was and get his blessing to make songs. Mama Coco, his great-grandmother, was the daughter of a musician who is hated by his wife and family because they mistakenly think that he had abandoned their family. Miguel’s beloved great-grandmother is Mamá Coco. Miguel continues to share his everyday travels with her despite her age and fragility. She is a warm-hearted, supporting, and compassionate woman. She has a failing memory, but she doesn’t let that get in the way of her enjoyment.

Mama Coco In Real Life

The woman who was the inspiration for the Disney character Mama Coco is María Salud Ramírez Caballero. It was not recognized by the production of the film Coco, but it was recognized in her locality. She is uninterested in money and claims to be content with the way she has adjusted her life since being identified as Mama Coco, Miguel’s grandmother, and a prominent character in the Pixar film.


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This is 105-year-old Mara Salud Ramrez Caballero, was photographed by the production and chosen the ambassador of the artisans of this region by the communal and artisan authorities of her village, as well as the municipal of Quiroga.

Mama Coco Age

María Salud Ramírez Caballero was born on 16 September 1913. And as of 2021, she turned 108 years recently and soon will be turning 109. She celebrated her birthday with a huge cake and her birthday celebration pics were posted on Facebook. The cake imprinted the image of the character Mama Coco on it. And the picture captioned “Thank God, today was another day of life!” 

Mama Coco In Encanto

Camilo appears to greet a woman who looks a lot like a younger Mama Coco as the family is welcoming visitors for Antonio’s ceremony, even though Coco is situated in Mexico and Encanto is set in Colombia, a nearly 1,200-mile distance. This could be a reference to both films’ generational traumas, which are healed by the youthful protagonists in both films. Miguel, like Mirabel, aids the family in overcoming the earlier trauma that left the grandmother shattered.


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