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Logan Mwangi Mother Beat Him To Death, Is She Arrested or In Jail? Revealed


Who Is Angharad Williamson, Logan Mwangi Mother Beat Him To Death, Is She Arrested or In Jail? Revealed: Information related to the court hearing and murder of own son case has been found on the web in which a woman named Angharad Williamson is accused of killing her own son, this is the matter of last year when this case was registered and stunned the people throughout the country as no one could not even think which she has done with her son. This case is still a topic of discussion among the people and the fresh updates of this case are available in this article so read down the article till the last to fetch the authentic details regarding this trending subject of the town. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Angharad Williamson

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Who Is Angharad Williamson?

The mother who was arrested in the murder case of her son is going to face the judge soon. Angharad Williamson is a middle-aged woman whose age is around 30 years and her son was 5 years of age when she brutally killed him whose name was Logan Mwangi. According to the reports she is placed in Cardiff Crown Court along with John Cole who is her husband and an unknown boy who is 14 years of age for the hearing and the trio is accused of killing the little kid Logan Mwangi.

Angharad Williamson Arrested or In Jail?

According to the reports, Logan Mwangi was brutally beaten up by his parents and he had more than 50 external wounds all were clearly noted on his arms, legs, face, trunk, and head. The merciless parents killed him last year in June. Now Angharad Williamson will undergo a trial along with her husband and the unknown boy soon. John Cole is 40 years of age attended the hearing on Monday at Cardiff Crown Court and Caroline Rees QC is the prosecutor in this case who briefed the incident that was happened behind closed doors on 29 July to the judge. Read the last section of this article to know everything about Angharad Williamson.

Angharad Williamson: Logan Mwangi Mother Beat Him To Death

Reportedly, Angharad beat to death her son Logan Mwangi who was just 5 years old, and her husband and a 14 years old boy was the companion of Angharad in killing the juvenile. It is come to hear that Logan was infected with Covid-19 and his parents were frustrated with his infection and made them compel to take those steps. Logan was living with his stepfather and real mother in Sarn in South Wales apartment. Stay connected with us for more details as his mother will face the conviction in this case in the coming days.

Angharad WilliamsonAngharad WilliamsonAngharad WilliamsonAngharad Williamson


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