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Kundali Bhagya 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Preeta’s pregnancy reports

Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 18th November 2021 Written Update Sona’s secret Sonakshi attends the courier man to receive the courier earlier than Karan and Preeta see her on the principal door. She opens the envelope and checks Preeta’s pregnancy reports. The courier man asks her why is she checking the reports when it doesn’t belong to her. The man identifies her as Sonakshi and tells her that the courier has come for Preeta. Rishabh hears them speaking. He takes the courier from Sonakshi’s hands.

He tells that he’ll give it to Preeta. He thanks the man and sends him off. Sonakshi is frightened that Rishabh took the stories with him. She desires to save lots of her secrets from popping out. The key to her greatest deception will utterly destroy her plans. Sonakshi tips Karan and sends him away. Sherlyn stops Sonakshi and asks her what’s she planning that she has intentionally sent Karan away. She tells that she is noticing Sonakshi for a very long time, Sonakshi is admittedly as much as one thing.

Sonakshi refuses to answer her. She runs after Rishabh to get the reports some way. Sonakshi makes an attempt to steal the reports and get away quickly. She comes throughout Preeta within the hall. She collides with Preeta. She unknowingly drops the reports in front of Preeta. Sonakshi will get frightened that Preeta will see her stories. Forward within the observe, Preeta shall be getting away from the Luthras and likewise Karan’s life. What twists will come that drifts Karan and Preeta apart? Is a leap twist coming to sabotage the gorgeous relationship of Preen? Will Sonakshi reach dishonest Karan and Preeta as soon as once more? Preserve studying.

Kundali Bhagya 18th November 2021 Written Update Sona’s secret:

Sonakshi checks the pregnancy reports. She hides it rapidly. She indicators to obtain the stories. The courier man sees her name Sonakshi when she sings and tells that the courier is for Preeta. Rishabh comes and takes the courier handy over to Preeta, who’s busy for the time being. Sonakshi doesn’t need Karan, Preeta, and Luthras to know that Preeta can conceive. She will plan to make an entry in the home utilizing Pihu. She desires to cease the stories from reaching Preeta. She goes to steal the reports, which holds her future in Karan’s life. She retains an eye fixed on Rishabh. Rishabh calls Karan.

Preeta goes to check for the courier. She doesn’t see the courier man. Sonakshi lies to Karan that Pihu is asking him. She sends Karan to Pihu. Rishabh seems to be for Karan. Preeta goes after Karan to inform him to name the courier man. Rishabh calls out Preeta, however, she rushes. Sherlyn retains an eye fixed on everybody. She senses Sonakshi’s transfer. Rishabh thinks Preeta is busy. He keeps the reports in his pocket. Sonakshi’s activity will get robust. Sherlyn irritates her with the questions. She asks Sonakshi about sending Karan away. Karan finds Pihu sleeping. He wonders why did Sonakshi lie. Preeta smiles seeing Karan and Pihu.

Karan asks her if she is seeing father-daughter second and getting jealous. Preeta tells that she is seeing his fatherly aspect and liking it. He tells that he loves Preeta probably the most. She desires Pihu to get probably the most love from him. She asks him to offer her share of affection to Pihu as she goes away. He refuses. She tells that the courier man didn’t come until now. He asks her if she is nervous. She tells that she is tense to know the outcomes.

She additionally provides that such stress is pure. He asks her to loosen up, all the pieces shall be the high quality within the reports. She doesn’t need his coronary heart to interrupt if their hopes shatter once more. She asks him to take care of Pihu. She goes out to attend the stories. Sherlyn asks Sonakshi why is she shocked. Sonakshi advises her to higher deal with the occasion. Sherlyn tells that her focus is on Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks her to deal with herself. Kareena calls Sherlyn to attend to the visitors.

Sonakshi thinks Sherlyn doesn’t deal with her good husband. She desires to steal the reports from Rishabh and goes around to search for an opportunity. Rishabh tells that Karan has kept a shock occasion. Rakhi praises Preeta who managed all the pieces in the long run second. Mahesh and Rishabh know that Preeta manages all the pieces at all times. Sonakshi asks the visitors to benefit from the occasion. She declares the dance performances. She engages Rishabh within the dance, hoping to get the reports from him. Sonakshi additionally dances with Rishabh. She succeeds in getting the reports from Rishabh. She doesn’t get caught by Sherlyn this time.

She goes away with the reports, however, come throughout Preeta. The stories fall there. Sonakshi distracts Preeta, mendacity to her that Rishabh is in search of her to inform concerning the courier. Preeta tells that she’s going to go. She doesn’t see her reports with Sonakshi. Sonakshi takes the reports and adjustments them with the pretend ones. Sherlyn finds Sonakshi altering the reports. She confronts Sonakshi. She tells that she has seen Sonakshi stealing the reports from Rishabh. Preeta asks Rishabh concerning the courier. Rishabh tells that he has the courier with him, he was going to offer it to her. He asks her if it’s something particular.

He realizes that he misplaced the courier. Karan asks him to not fear, he’ll find it. Preeta goes to search for it. Sonakshi denies the reality. Sherlyn snatches the reports from her. Sonakshi warns her concerning the misbehavior. Sherlyn simply desires to know the reality. Sonakshi tells that she doesn’t know to perceive what does Sherlyn implies. Sherlyn reveals the movies to shock Sonakshi. She tells that Sonakshi was spiking the milk after which took it for Preeta. She reveals the video of Sonakshi stealing the reports from Rishabh’s pocket. Sonakshi tells her the reality that Preeta can conceive a toddler. Sherlyn is shocked to know this.

Sherlyn tells that Sonakshi is lying. Sonakshi calls her an idiot. She admits that she had fooled the Luthras, she had written Preeta’s future, she madly loves Karan and needs to get him again. Sonakshi tells that she at all times beloved Karan, she made a mistake that she couldn’t confess like to him, she deliberates the wedding drama simply to get Karan, she went to ask her doctor friend and obtained to find out about Preeta’s reports blunder. She then requested her pal to hand over the stories to her. She had stored the reality a secret, considering Karan will depart Preeta if he learns that she will be able to conceive. She admits her whole plan at the entrance of Sherlyn. Sherlyn is shocked to understand how lengthy Sonakshi dragged her lie by her cunning plots. Keep reading.

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