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KumKum Bhagya 6 December 2021 Written Update: Double attack

KumKum Bhagya
KumKum Bhagya 6 December 2021 Written Update Get ready to see in the upcoming episode that Prachi is going to double attack on Kohli family. Firstly Pallavi is going to get in big trouble and secondly Ria will be left speechless. But one more really interesting thing is going to happen Ranveer and Prachi are getting close again and Ranveer starts to develop feelings for Prachi. Follow More Update On Newsminatii.in
Prachi is ready for making an entry into Kohli’s family, the time she enters the house this is going to make Pallavi very angry and threaten Prachi to leave the house, Ria starts to provoke Pallavi even more and she started kicking Prachi out of the house. But on the door Pallavi will see police and a group of ladies, Ria thinks that they are here for them but Prachi is the one who called them as she is served justice and gets a legal entry into the house and now no one can throw her out of the house.
This leaves Pallavi in shock and she and Ria become insecure about Prachi as Ranveer stopped them when they were throwing Prachi out of the house. 
But the biggest interesting part is that Ranveer and Prachi are going to get cozy with each other and Ranveer starts having feelings for Prachi.
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