Home News Kalyani Kurale Jadhav Passed Away: Marathi actress dies in road accident

Kalyani Kurale Jadhav Passed Away: Marathi actress dies in road accident

Kalyani Kurale Jadhav Passed Away

This is to inform you that Marathi actress Kalyani Kurale is no more. Yes, you read it correctly, she has passed away. We are also shocked after listening to this news. Since this news has been confirmed people who knew her and her followers are scrounging web articles to learn how did Kalyani Kurale die. As Kalyani Kurale’s death news surfaced unexpectedly and untimely it is obvious that people are getting curious to know what happened to her. Netizens are taking over the internet to express their sorrow over her sudden passing. Meanwhile, many are also asking what is the cause of the death of Marathi actress Kalyani Kurale in the comment section. If you are also eager to learn what happened to Kalyani Kurale then stick with this article and keep reading. Drag down the page and take a look below for more details. Follow more updates on Newsminatii.in

Kalyani Kurale Jadhav Passed Away

Kalyani Kurale was best known for working in the famous television show Tuthyat Jeev Rangla and Dakkancha Raja Jyotiba. According to the reports, she passed away on November 12, 2022. But how did she die? Sources confirmed that the famous Marathi actress suffered a deadly car accident on November 12, 2022, due to which she had to hand off her life suddenly. Learn more about her accident in the next section. Scroll down the page.

A spokesperson said that the actress was traveling from Halondi Sangli Phata to her home on Saturday night but her car was hit by a dumper vehicle. Moreover, this fatal car accident happened on Kolhapur road. Kalyani Kurale was coming back to her home after shutting down her restaurant located in Halondi Sangli Phata. Currently, the entire family of Kalyani Kurale is in mourning. They have not addressed any statement as of yet. Scroll down the page and read more details.

It is obvious that her cause of death was linked to the injuries that she sustained in the accident on Saturday night. A source stated that Kalyani Kurale opened her restaurant in Halondi Sangli Phata only a few days ago and she used to handle the visitors every day on her own. She was excellently handling her passion and profession at a time. Nevertheless, Kalyani Kurale’s last Instagram post came just 22 years ago from her accident news.

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