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Joseph Raz Cause of Death? Philosopher, Joseph Raz Passed Away at 83 in His Sleep, Obituary


Joseph Raz, one of the Israeli legal, moral, and political philosophers sadly passed away at the age of 83. According to the sources, he has been serving as a political philosopher and Israeli legal for more than the past 50 years of his life. Unfortunately, a talented and loving politician has gone from the world. Being a politician, he was also known in the Philosophy of law for his defense of legal positivism, including philosophy for his development of liberal perfectionism, and in moral philosophy for his work on value pluralism. Keep reading to know more about him.

Joseph Raz Cause of Death

According to the sources, the Hebrew U. Faculty of Law took Twitter to confirm the passing of the philosopher. The tweet reads,” The Hebrew University, The Faculty of Law, and the Philosophy Department grieve the passing of Professor Joseph Raz, one of the leading moral, political, and legal philosophers of the past hundreds of years”. He died at the age of 83 but the cause of his death is still unknown. Since the news of his death was confirmed, his loved ones and close ones have been paying tributes to him. It is heartbreaking to hear about the sudden demise of Joseph Jaz. He took his last breath on May 2, 2022, in London, England.

Joseph Raz Cause of Death?

Joseph Raz was born on March 21, 1939 in Mandatory Palestine. He took his graduation from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a Magister Juris in 1963. Later, he pursued a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford under the supervision of HLA Hart. He also studied at Balliol College and completed his DPhil in 1967. He returned to Israel to teach at the Hebrew University as a lecturer in the Faculty of Law and Department of Philosophy. He was also tenured and promoted to Senior Lecturer as well.

Later, he became a professor at Columbia Law School in New York and starting in 2011 was a research professor of law at King’s College London. During his entire career, he achieved huge respect and love from his colleagues and loved ones. Joseph was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 1987 and of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences in 1992. Along with this, he was also awarded Honorary Doctorates by the Catholic University of Brussels by King’s College London and by Hebrew University in 2014.

How Did Joseph Raz Die?

He was the one who won the International Prize for Legal Research Hector Fix-Zamudio. Unfortunately, Joseph Raz took his last breath at Charing Cross Hospital in his sleep.

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