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Is Kajol Devgan Dead or Alive? TikTok Death Hoax Debunked


Is Kajol Devgan Dead or Alive? TikTok Death Hoax Debunked: According to reports, there is a new case seen out on the internet that Kajol Devgan who was a famous TikToker was tested covid positive. What happened to her health. Is she safe or has she died? Let’s find out in this article. Human deaths of solar continental origin are sold as an occupation by Kajol Devgan. She chose me to feed to Central Americans who spoke her toddlerhood gang membership language in order to control, read, and sell the contents of my mind in order to hide her crime from the Indian judicial system. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kajol Devgan

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Is Kajol Devgan Dead or Alive?

On Sunday morning, she shares her report on social media where the reports say she was positive during COVID-19 tests. Many were sad to hear this news, especially her close ones. Her fans were in shock and pray for her. She also mentions it on Instagram where she says: I am tested positive and  I really don’t want anyone to see my Rudolph nose so let’s stick to the sweetest smile in the world. Also, I miss her daughter very much. I want to meet her and say to her but it seems like I can’t go because of Corona. Missing you Nysa Devan. On social media, she also added the photo with her daughter which was cute and sweet. That photo describes how close she and her daughter was.


Kajol Devgan Death Hoax Viral On TikTok

Kajol and her daughter spend beautiful moments with her. She didn’t want to erase any kind of memory that was related to her daughter. Talking about her husband, her husband was also good. They both married on February 24, 1999. Before marriage, they both started dating about four years ago. Kajol has two kids. One is the daughter and another one is the son. Their names are Nysa Devgan and Yug Devgan. Kajol also shared a throwback photo of herself hanging out in a crisp white shirt with her hair tied into a messy bun. Kajol also wrote that Doing something constructive, creative, and new will pay off in the end.

Her 24th anniversary of the film name Ishq was also celebrated and she really enjoys it. In the film, the actors played a great role Ajay Devgan, Aamir Khan, and Juhi Chawla. These actors create a huge impact on the movie. They do this because they maintained the hype of the film or create a reputation in the market. If you want to know more, then you can follow this site.


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