Home News Is Janie Jones Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax Explained

Is Janie Jones Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax Explained


Is Janie Jones Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax Explained: Nowadays rumors have been circulating on the internet regarding the death news of British Pop singer Janie Jones. Since these rumors started flying in the air people have been perplexed and eagerly searching for authentic details regarding her life status. As she has a significant fan base, concern over her life status is being shown on social media by her fans on a large scale led to do a deep study on this matter and compel us to come up with authentic news and details regarding her death news. Read down the below-placed sections to find out whether the aforementioned British Pop singer is alive or dead and those rumors are true or untrue. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Janie Jones Dead

Is Janie Jones Dead Or Alive?

Janie Jones is a pop singer who hails from Britain and her debut song reached 46th place in charts in the United Kingdom. Janie began her music career with her very first song titled Witches Brew. But in August 1964 she got widely recognized by the public when she attend the premiere of London in the Raw. Read the further section to find out whether she is alive or the rumors are true that are claiming she is dead.

We tell you that the news regarding her death news is just a hoax as no voracious reports confirmed the death of Janie Jones. Currently, she is fit and fine and doing well in her life. She had various ups and downs in her career, in 1966 her career peaked with her chartbuster song smash. Later in 1997, she came up with a collection of single songs when she released We’re In Love With The World Of Janie Jones. When she attended the premiere of London in the Raw in a topless outfit she rose to prominence. Follow the further section to read about her personal details and marriage info.

According to the records she tied to knot with John Christian Dee but her wedding date and venue are not in our knowledge as she never reveal the same information. And we are also not sure the couple is still living together or not as she is a discreet person. Currently, she is 81 years of age and regularly appears on talk shows where she discusses the Moors Murders. Moore Murders series has been released on 21st Feb 2022 and premiered on Channel 4 at 9:00 PM on Monday. Stay connected with us for more updates and read other world news here in one place.


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