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Is Fortnite Getting Deleted On February 30, When Is Fortnite Getting Deleted?


It was most likely made in jest when a child was told about something that will happen on a day that doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, some people may have overlooked the context. First and foremost, there is no February 30th. Even in leap years, the month has only 29 days. Furthermore, if Chapter 3 Season 1 is the final season, it will end in March rather than February. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first or last time a similar fake news has surfaced. There have been various stories concerning the game’s deletion, including when the prior President considered outlawing it.

Misinformation is easily propagated in today’s world, and it’s certainly not simply a political issue, but it’s also infiltrated the game business.

Is Fortnite Getting Deleted In 2022?

No, Fortnite isn’t getting deleted. The reports surfacing on the internet are absolutely incorrect, as Epic Games has stated that they intend to keep the game alive for years.

“No intentions at all to change or shut down Fortnite,” Epic Games’ CEO Tim Sweeney declared in an official statement in response to fears over the game’s future. According to the official statement, Fortnite will not be getting deleted.

The claims began when a website (react2424) began distributing rumors of Epic Games news items claiming that Fortnite had been shut down. According to the website, Fortnite is going down due to the numerous lawsuits brought against them. However, this is absolutely false, and Epic Games has not stated that Fortnite would be taken down at any point in the future.

Is Fortnite Getting Deleted In 2023?

Fortnite will not be shut off in 2023. The game’s creators have stated that it will be available for a long time, and there are no indications that it will be discontinued anytime soon.

The creators of this large online multiplayer sandbox survival video game are always working on new material to keep things interesting for their devoted fans and players! So, the rumors that Fortnite will be shut down in 2023 are untrue and just fake.

When Is Fortnite Getting Deleted 2022?

Nobody knows how long Epic Games intends to keep Fortnite operating, but there’s no hint that it will be shut down anytime soon. Given the backstory that has been offered, it may theoretically make sense. The Imagined Order seeks to keep players in a loop, fighting for victory on the island over and over again. They’ve been cast as the villains. The Seven are the clear protagonists who desire to break the cycle and free the participants. For all intents and purposes, if The Seven wins, the game is practically over.

When Is Fortnite Getting Deleted?

We’ve spoken about the rumor of Fortnite getting deleted and the reasons for it so far. However, there is one more question that many people have asked is, Is Fortnite Getting Deleted? The solution to this question may be found in Epic Games’ official statement, which states that they intend to continue supporting Fortnite.

They’ve stated that they have no plans to shut down Fortnite anytime soon, and that they intend to keep it running for years to come! So there’s no need to be concerned about when Fortnite will be taken down; Epic Games has assured us that it will not happen anytime near.

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