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Is Chris Cuomo Gay? I now feel less safe as a gay man. who is Chris Cuomo Wiki-Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth

Chris Cuomo

Is Chris Cuomo Gay? I now feel less safe as a gay man. who is Chris Cuomo Wiki-Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth Senior Labour MP Chris Bryant has told the BBC he feels “much less bodily secure as a gay man” than he did 30 years in the past.

The Rhondda MP accused the government of stoking a traditional war, which he stated all the time ended with people who find themselves “barely completely different” being targeted.

He told Nick Robinson’s Political Thinking podcast that Boris Johnson was not homophobic however some in government have been comfortable “stirring the pot”.

No 10 stated the PM was happy with the government’s report on LGBT issues.

The spokesman additionally stated Mr Johnson was “completely clear there isn’t any place for homophobic abuse”.

Mr Bryant, who chairs the Commons standards committee, stated he had mentioned his concerns about culture wars – ideological battles about private and societal points – with “individuals who work in Downing Street”.

“They’ve realized this trick in America from Trump and ultimately culture wars will all the time pick on those that are barely completely different and that means the gays, the Jews and the blacks and that is all the time the list that crops up at any time when a populist government will get into power.”

Asked for examples, he cited the government’s stance on transgender individuals and that they have been “not ready” to implement a “proper band” on conversion therapy.

Mr Bryant added: “There is a world the place individuals who think it is politically advantageous to stir that pot and that makes me genuinely fearful.

‘I am not accusing the prime minister of being homophobic however I do really feel much less physically secure as a gay man than I did 30 years ago.”

He stated he did not get up within the morning “worrying I will be gay-bashed” however expressed concern about a few rise in hate crimes against LGBT individuals, including that homophobia was “a really robust a part of individuals’ experience of modern Britain”.

Responding to his comments, No 10 stated: “The prime minister is happy with this authorities’ report on LGBT points and we continue to make progress in areas such as banning conversion therapy and lengthening same-sex marriage to all elements of the UK.

“He’s additionally completely clear there isn’t any place for homophobic abuse.”

Mr Bryant additionally talked about dealing with his mom’s alcoholism when growing up and why he turned down an inheritance worth tens of millions.

“I keep in mind mum coming into my bedroom on my 13th birthday and telling me that she drank too much and the following few years at the house have been a model of hell really,” he stated.

“I had to take care of mum for fairly some time…. it meant I learnt to cook, to iron as a result of mum was not ready to try this.

“I felt very angry about it a variety of time… I can’t let you know what number of bottles of vodka I’ve poured down the drain.

He stated his household initially could not work out how his mom was getting “quite so drunk within the kitchen”.

“Avocados have been the style then and everybody had an avocado stone with cocktail sticks suspended above the water. We might by no means work out why ours by no means put down a root – it was as a result of mum had vodka in it instead of water.

His mom later died, however, he stated he by no means knew if “she took her own life or whether or not she had drunk too much and taken too many paracetamols”.

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