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Top Up OVO Using Telkomsel Credit – Did you know that currently you can top up your OVO balance using credit?.

Yes, in recent times, Ovo users have been intensively asking about this. This is undeniable, because the method used is very practical.

Because you can add your OVO balance only with credit. No wonder many Ovo users want to know how to do it.

Now for those of you who may currently have quite a lot of Telkomsel credit. And you want to make it as OVO Balance, you can do it very easily.

There is also a way that can be done is like the steps already Smart Opportunity prepare the following. If you need an OVO Top Up method using Telkomsel credit, please refer to the steps below.

Can I Top Up OVO Using Telkomsel Credit?

Maybe this method still sounds quite foreign to Ovo users, especially new users. But in fact this method has existed for quite a long time among old users.

That way, you must be wondering if you can top up ovo only from credit.

The answer is yes. You can add Ovo balance only with credit. For the complete method, you can refer to the following steps.

How to do credit so that it can be an Ovo balance?

So that the credit you have can become an Ovo balance. You have to convert pulses first.

This is an absolute requirement that you must do so that your credit can become a balance like the nominal you want.

So, related to that, there are several providers that you can use so that it can be your balance. Such as Telkomsel, XL and Axis, Indosat and Three.

In addition, the system that will be used is not like your Top Up game in general. Instead of using the services of a third party.

Here’s how to turn Telkomsel credit into Ovo Balance.

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Requirements for Credit to be Ovo Balance

Although this method can be done to increase your Ovo balance with credit. But there are some conditions that you need to follow.

Considering the Ovo Top Up itself must use Via transfer and Merchant. Therefore, you must meet the requirements first so that your credit becomes Ovo Balance.

Some of these conditions are as follows;

  1. Your Ovo account is already a Premier user.
  2. Have credit that can be transferred.
  3. Get a trusted Convert Service.
  4. Have Transfer Limit.

So, the main requirements that you must have are as above. If you have fulfilled it, then you can immediately make credit as your Ovo balance.

How to Top Up OVO Using Telkomsel Credit

So that the credit you have can become an Ovo balance according to your wishes. Then you have to transfer your credit first.

That way, your credit will be able to become an Ovo balance on your account. The method itself is as follows;

  1. The most important thing is that you have to find a Credit Conversion Service to Ovo Balance first.
  2. If so, then you can immediately take the steps.
  3. Please contact the credit cover service that you have found.
  4. Next, access the link to the service site.
  5. After that, please select Whatsapp on the available sites.
  6. If already, then you will get a data form to convert your credit as an Ovo balance.
  7. On the Convert Credit Form, please select Convert Pulse to Ovo.
  8. Fill in the Form according to the requested data.
  9. After that, please send your Telkomsel credit to the number listed on the form.
  10. Then the service provider will immediately process your credit into Ovo Balance.

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So, that’s how you can top up OVO using Telkomsel credit. Make sure when you choose the Convert service, you must see the testimonials available on the site.

If your opinion is correct, then please continue to use the Credit Covert Service for Ovo Balance.

Thank you for visiting and reading at Smart Opportunity


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