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How to look like Britney Spears?


The Princess of Pop, Britney Spears, is hugely famous among the young generation. During the late 1990s and early 2000s, she is credited for encouraging the revival of modern pop, and her biggest hit,” Baby one more time,” was a sensation among the youth.

How to look like Britney Spears

However, this excellent singer is also known for her divine radiance and is one of the most photogenic faces among the singers. Her styles and fashion sense are no less than the A-class actresses.

That is why her immense popularity, beauty, and fashion routine are also in demand. Since most people were very inspired and always wanted to lead a life like her. No! We will not classify you all as crazy fans at all. Instead, we will tell you her beauty and wardrobe secrets.

How to look like Britney Spears?

You should not be shy first of all since you are not the only one sneaking for her beauty regime. Various videos on youtube tell how to recreate some of her best music videos looks or her red carpet looks. You must be confused about choosing the best look right. The look from “I did it again” with its pale, frosty eye shadow. In contrast, the looks from “I’m a Slave 4 U,” where she wears dark eyeliner and dramatic lashes, define her versatility as a singer as well as a beauty influencer.

She is a diva who rarely discloses her beauty tricks. However, this “Toxic” singer has spoken about her beauty regime in the  2018 interviews with Vogue Arabia and Cosmopolitan.

She exclaims in Vogue Arabia about how much she loves contrasting and experimenting with her looks.

She says that she loves applying different types of eyeshadows. She enjoys experimenting with different pale colors and pink eye makeup. She prefers a gothic look in most cases, although she believes it is important to choose light hues to open up the eyes.

However, if you are really looking to create the look of Britney, then the suggestion would be to go for brands that have a wide variety of eyeshadows to choose from. Her secret is to apply several layers of black mascara, as well as a brush of instinctive lipstick capped with lip gloss, which is all you need for a more hued Britney Spears makeup look.

Spears has experimented a lot with her look and gone through multiple makeovers. Now she has a diversity of looks ranging from purely natural to smokey and enigmatic, providing you a choice of possibilities for recreating her look.

Dressing Like Britney Spears

Britney has always come up with various looks in each of her videos. The looks are so distinct and so perfect that her fans are mesmerized. In the song “Toxic,” that bright blue uniform, along with a long, blonde ponytail and matching eyeshadow, has set the screen on fire.

The song was a great hit. Spears also exclaimed that it was her favourite look in an interview.

The song “Baby one more time” was another hit because of Britney’s A-class look. The singer dressed in a  schoolgirl outfit with a cropped white shirt, grey cardigan, and black pleated miniskirt.

In contrast to the looks of “Baby one more time,” Spears wore a red latex catsuit along with a headset, high ponytail, and bright blue eye shadows for her song Oops!… I Did It Again.

These are some of Britney’s most famous looks, which you can definitely try out.

However, all of this has made people go above and beyond and seek more information about Britney Spears height and weight, her daily lifestyle, and many more.

Beauty tips from Britney Spears

Britney is quite a secret keeper, but to the shock, she revealed some of her beauty tips in 2021. She generally loves makeup, but in contrast to that, she recently captioned in a social media post that she is fond of a no-makeup look and thinks that is the best for her skin. She also loves carrying lip balms with her most of the time. It softens cracked lips and may also be used on dry skin, which is also an extra advantage!

Other than all this, she uses a body moisturizer. Nevertheless, she gives special beauty tips to her fans, telling them that they should never forget to remove makeup before hitting the bed. She also says that she does it before sleeping as it is a crucial part of the skincare routine that everyone must follow.

She also explains that although little makeup is fun, it is time-consuming setting the skin and hair flawless. She gradually concludes that a natural appearance is a way to go.

Even though she loves going makeup-less, she never misses mascara from that list. She loves wearing mascara.

However, the final thing to unfold about Britney’s makeup routine is the skin care regimen. She said that she loved using toners. She always uses good astringent toner before applying the moisturizer to avoid any blemishes or acne.

This celebrity mentioned La Mer as a favourite brand and used Elizabeth Arden or Neutrogena astringent toners. However, the singer said that she no more faces acne problems, but growing up, she faced a lot of skin issues, and for that, she visited several dermatologists.

Britney has started using a skincare regimen both in the morning and evening since she has recently faced major dry skin issues.

Bottom Line

Britney is a highly talented singer who has made her place in the industry through her hard work. However, her beauty is the only reflection of her true inner self. She is extremely polite with her fans, and this quality has helped her make way to the fan’s hearts. Most people try to become like Britney, so don’t be afraid of trying out new looks if you are one of those. Just be bold and try it out.


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