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How To Get Lavender Dragon In Adopt Me? What Is A Lavender Dragon In Adopt Me Worth?


Adopt Me

Adopt Me is a Roblox game where you may nurture pets, construct homes, and meet new people. Pets can be obtained by hatching their corresponding Eggs. Each Pet has a rarity, which ranges from Common to Uncommon to Rare to Ultra-Rare to Legendary. Roblox Adopt Me recently launched a new Legendary rarity mystery Pet. The Lavender Dragon is the name of the pet. This article features  how to get the Lavender Dragon Pet in Adopt Me Roblox.

Uplift Games is the creator of the Roblox game Adopt Me. The basic goal is to hatch various digital pets’ eggs and acquire, care for, and nurture them. Each pet is grouped according to its group, value, and rarity.

The reason for this is simple: it is Roblox’s most popularly played game. The gameplay cycle of having pets, raising them, and transforming them into Neon is quite enjoyable and satisfying. Trading these lovely pets can require patience, but it’s all part of the enjoyment. 

How To Get Lavender Dragon In Adopt Me?

DJ game pass is where you’ll find Lavender Dragon. In Roblox’s Adopt Me, DJ is a type of game pass. You must spend 350 to obtain this pass, but in exchange, you will be able to play personalized music. In addition, the game pass grants access to the house’s jukebox, radio, and DJ playlists. However, it is now inaccessible.

But, Adopt Me stated on its official Twitter account that the DJ game pass was affected as a result of the Roblox update. As a result, they added a Lavender Dragon to the inventories of online players for those who paid Robux for the game.

To elaborate more on How to Get Lavender Dragon in Adopt Me, basically, anyone who purchased a DJ game pass now has Lavender Dragon. But those who wish to have this pet should know it is a tradable pet.

Therefore, instead of searching for a DJ game pass if you don’t own one, you can trade for it. Moreover, before trading, you should know that it’s a legendary pet with a pretty high trading value.

What is A Lavender Dragon in Adopt Me Worth?

In Adopt Me!, the Lavender Dragon is a legendary pet. On February 8, 2022, it was issued as  compensation for users who had previously purchased the DJ Gamepass. The DJ Gamepass is now unavailable due to a fault in a recent Roblox update. It’s also possible to get it by trading.

Details Description
Rarity Legendary
Type Pet
Cost 350 Robux
Release date 8 February 2022
Description The Lavender Dragon is a Legendary Pet from DJ Gamepass Compensation. It is currently worth a little more than the RGB Monster Truck. It is currently worth a little less than the Candy Cane. It is currently about equal in value to the Christmas Gift.
Dream Pet 103 users currently have Lavender Dragon as their Dream Pet.

Users must log in to be able to choose their dream pets.

Origin DJ Gamepass Compensation

How To Get Lavender Dragon In Adopt Me 2022?

The DJ Gamepass from the upgrade is the only way to receive the Lavender Dragon Pet in Adopt Me. The DJ Gamepass was experiencing some troubles as of the most recent update, and Uplift Games has discontinued it. The developers have compensated all of the players who purchased the DJ Gamepass. When you first begin to Adopt Me, you’ll see a notification about the DJ Gamepass, and the Lavender Dragon Pet will be in your Inventory. Therefore, not everyone in Adopt Me Roblox will be able to receive the Lavender Dragon Pet.

That shouldn’t be a problem, right?  As I previously stated, the DJ Gamepass was withdrawn from the game due to numerous concerns. If you do not have a game pass, you will not be able to get the Lavender pet. However, another way to obtain this Pet is to trade it with someone who already owns the Lavender Dragon. It will be tough to find a trade for this Pet due to its rarity.

This was all about obtaining the Lavender Dragon Pet in Roblox’s Adopt Me game. Bear in mind that the Pet can only be used in private lounges, not public ones.

Appearance of Lavender Dragon

It’s a Dragon reskin with a lavender inner body and a purple exterior tint, as the names imply. Its spikes and inner wings are also in purplish color. The mouth has two purple teeth, and the eyes are dark and saggy.

The nighttime look, on the other hand, is a little darker hue of lavender purple with light purple on all parts of the body. The appearance of Neon and Mega Neon is pretty intriguing. While the neon variant shines a bright pink, Mega Neon offers a kaleidoscope of colors.

Tricks of Lavender Dragon

Here are the tricks the Lavender Dragon learns in order:

Stages Tricks
Newborn  Sit
Junior  Lay Down
Pre-Teen Bounce
Teen  Roll Over
Post-Teen Backflip

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