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Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins’s death due to drugs? – Hyd News


Ground Report | New Delhi: Taylor Hawkins death reason; Taylor Hawkins’ death may be drug-related, according to Colombian police. The 50-year-old Foo Fighters drummer died in a hotel room at Casa Medina in the north of the country’s capital, Bogotá.

The Bogotá Metropolitan Police, in a statement published by several Colombian newspapers, said: “The cause of death has not yet been established.

Local reports said hotel staff called emergency services after Hawkins suffered chest pains, but he was already dead when medical services arrived. Foo Fighters was scheduled to play a concert in the Colombian capital.

Hawkins, a father of two teenage sons, had openly discussed his drug and overdose problems years before what the band called his “tragic and untimely” death. Four years after joining the Foo Fighters, Hawkins overdosed on heroin and ended up in a coma in 2001, which he later described as the result of “taking it too far.”

Colombian music and entertainment journalist Alejandro Marín tweeted when news of the drummer’s death broke: ‘Don’t start blaming the country because Taylor died in Colombia if he died of an overdose.

Shortly after Hawkins’ death was announced, dozens of fans along with journalists and cameramen began gathering outside the hotel where the band was staying. Many seemed completely shocked by the news and lit some candles.

Ambulances and police cars could be seen parked outside the property. Later Friday night, Hawkins’ body was finally removed from the hotel, placed in a forensic van and taken away. The group was scheduled to play at the Festival Estéreo Picnic in the Colombian capital, where an announcement told concertgoers that the band would not play due to a “serious medical condition.” (Taylor Hawkins death reason)

One heartbroken fan said of Taylor: “50 years of living a great life and making us laugh and cry and feel every emotion to the beat of his drums. He will be missed. May he rest in peace!”

While another wrote: “Dave’s memoir audiobook has been my companion on long trips lately. And his love for Taylor resonated through his words. What a terrible loss. I’m so sorry.”

And one tweeted: “I’m heartbroken for Taylor, his family and the entire band family. Dave Grohl, you and Taylor Hawkins are the only ‘celebrities’ I feel this way about. My heart goes out to all of you.”

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