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‘Drunk’ Drake Jokes Around With Jack Harlow at Kentucky Derby


Drake likes to have fun no matter where he’s at. At the Kentucky Derby, a drunk Drizzy gave a hilarious interview with his good friend Jack Harlow.

The OVO Sound leader was spotted at Saturday’s (May 7) Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Ky., hanging out with Jack Harlow, who is a native Kentuckian. While at the horse-racing event, the “What’s Poppin” rapper took a moment to speak with NBC Sports before the big race. At one point in the interview, Drake creeps his way into the discussion before completely overrunning the conversation.

“I was just trying to listen to what you guys got going on,” Drizzy said. “I just want to hear the conversation. I’m not really here to speak on nothing.”

Drake then expressed his appreciation for Harlow repping his hometown at the Kentucky Derby.

“I just had to show up. I’m so proud of this guy,” he said, adding, “And we’re drunk.” But Drake corrected himself and said he was drunk and Harlow was sober.

The pair were then asked if they had bet on a particular horse.

“We got a lot going on,” said Drake looking a little intoxicated while giving his answer.

“We were forced to make a move, on the one and only Happy Jack,” added Harlow. “He’s really giving a good description of how I feel right now. [If there] was a Happy Aubrey, we’d run that too.”

Unfortunately, Happy Jack finished in 14th place, while Rich Strike, with an 80-1 shot, was the winner of the race.

Drake then addressed someone behind the scenes who was telling the sportscasters to end the interview.

“You can’t give the wrap-it-up signal,” he yelled, clearly perturbed by someone giving the wrap-it-up signal to them. “What are you gonna cut to? What are you gonna cut to? A shot of, like, poorly manicured grass, or something?”

There was a lot of weird things happening at the Kentucky Derby, including Jack Harlow being carried by several Black men so he won’t get his shoes muddy at the event. The optics of the video are not a good look for the “First Class” artist. Watch below.

Nevertheless, Drake and Harlow reportedly filmed a music video for “Churchill Downs,” a song that appears on Harlow’s latest album, Come Home the Kids Miss You.

Check out more images of Drake and Jack Harlow at ChurchHill Downs racetrack below.

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