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Boris Johnson at HTLS 2022: ‘108,000 Indian students in the UK…’

Boris Johnson

The former prime minister of the UK, Boris Johnson recently said at HTLS 2022 mega event. He talked about some must-focused developments over the past few months. Nevertheless, Boris Johnson also addressed the relations between India and the UK which eventually enhanced over time. On the fifth day/ last day of the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2022, the former prime minister of the UK, Boris Johnson said that India has become the largest supplier of overseas students to the United Kingdom which is a great achievement in its own. He further talked about many topics. You should stick with this page and keep reading this article for more details. Kindly drag down the page and take a look below for more details. Follow more updates on Newsminatii.in

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, former prime minister of the United Kingdom said, “India has become the number one supplier of overseas students to the UK. Hundred and eight thousand Indian students in the UK to support our education industry.” According to Boris Johnson, more than 108000 students from India traveled to the United Kindom which helped our education system. Nevertheless, Boris Johnson also recalled his visit to India which he made earlier this year in the month of April. Kindly shift to the next section and read more about what he said on the last day of the mega event HTLS (Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2022).

He recollected his memories when he visited Gujarat, India in the month of April when he was the acting prime minister of the United Kingdom. Former Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson said, “We arrived in Gujarat this year, and it was like being Sachin Tendulkar… There were pictures of me everywhere and literally 1000s of people dancing everywhere and with PM Modi, we discussed the future of the India-UK partnership,” he further added, “Even without a free trade agreement, we have seen trade between our countries go up by 28%.” Scroll down the page and read more.

Boris Johnson also talked about the Ukraine War. He said that Putin’s disastrous miscalculation will severely weaken Russia and eventually strengthen China. He also said that Russia will lose the war. And Putin will be solely responsible for it. His miscalculation will weaken his country. Johnson also said he does not think to worry about how Putin will manage his defeat in the war.

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