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Black Clover Chapter 341 spoilers Reddit, Black Clover Chapter 341 Raw Scans And Release date

black clover 341 spoilers reddit

Black Clover Chapter 341 spoilers Reddit, Black Clover Chapter 341 Raw Scans, And Release date Black Clover Chapter 341 spoilers are available. The next chapter is going to explain why Ichika despises Yami Sukehiro. Additionally, three new characters who are all members of the Ryuzen Seven will be introduced to readers. The remaining four have already been discussed. Follow more updates on Newsminatii.in

Black Clover Chapter 341 spoilers

Since it came back from a break, Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover has been on a strong run. Following the break, Lucius made himself known and attacked Asta in the first chapter. Asta has since traveled to the Land of the Sun and begun his Zetten training.

Three new characters, all members of the Ryuzen Seven, are first introduced in Black Clover chapter 341. Each of the characters has a distinctive appearance. The other two are men, and one of them has dark complexion. One of the two men is clothed in a monastic robe, while the other appears to be donning a devil mask. One Piece Chapter 1062 Spoilers Reddit, One Piece Chapter 1062 Raw Scans And Release date

Black Clover Chapter 341 spoilers on Reddit

The monk-clad man’s name is Ookadai Zaemon, the woman’s name is Imari Komari, and the mask-wearing man’s name appears to be Hanagatsuji Jyouzou, according to a number of sources.

The Ryuzen Seven get pumped up and decide to go for another round of training after the shogun Ryudo Ryuya arrives to see Asta’s training, which results in Asta falling flat on his back once more—something that has been occurring to him quite regularly lately. Although he consistently loses in training, he is picking up new skills and making an effort to apply them.

Asta begins to worry about his pals in the Clover Kingdom as he is left to rest on the rocks and consider how to use Zetten. At this point, Ichika makes an appearance and is first seen conversing normally with him. While she admitted that she was occasionally irritated with him throughout this, she disclosed that she is 24 years old and has been asked by Ryudo to take care of Asta.

Black Clover Chapter 341 Raw Scans

She also says that Ryudo Ryuya is extremely busy, using his eyes—whose name she reveals to be Tengentsuu—to assist the erratic government of the Land of the Sun. Ichika had a fangirl moment when she hears Asta just call Ryuya an excellent person after hearing this. This is the first time readers get to witness her discussing anything with enthusiasm as opposed to mockery.

She drones on about how the shogun was a clever man who used his notoriety and premonition to unify his nation during difficult times. When Ichika has calmed down, she also thinks back to the many times Ryuya had come to her rescue, earning her trust and making her want to do as he asked and take care of Asta.

After being moved by Ichika’s narrative, Asta continues to tell his side of the tale and describes how Yami Sukehiro helped him achieve his goals by being a good mentor to him.

But since she thought of him as the worst filth in the world, Ichika promptly prevents him from saying anything else about her brother. She explains how Yami Sukehiro killed her entire kin when questioned.

Final Thoughts on Black Clover chapter 341

Readers were shocked to learn that their favorite character, Yami Sukehiro, had allegedly murdered his entire clan before perhaps fleeing to the Clover Kingdom in the spoilers for Black Clover chapter 341. Fans are eagerly anticipating chapter 342’s spoilers right now.

Unfortunately, following the official publication of chapter 341, Black Clover will take a week-long sabbatical.

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