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Bigg Boss 15 Grand Finale: Bigg Boss gets top 3 finalists, this contestant is out of the winning race

Bigg Boss 15

Bigg Boss 15 Grand Finale: Bigg Boss gets top 3 finalists, this contestant is out of the winning race Everyone is curious to know in whose hands the Bigg Boss 15 trophy will go. Many stars have arrived to attend this grand finale. Everyone is praying that only their favorite contestant wins the show. After the exit of Nishant Bhatt in Bigg Boss, now only four contestants were left in the show. Which includes Tejashwi Prakash, Karan Kundrra, Prateek Sahajpal, and Shamita Shetty. But now Bigg Boss has got their top 3 finalists and after coming so close to winning, the journey of one member is over. Let us tell you who is from whose hands the trophy came out and who are those who have confirmed their place in the top 3.

Bigg Boss 15 Grand Finale Top 3 Finalist

Karan Kundra

Actor Karan Kundrra, who entered the Bigg Boss jungle as a wolf, has finally confirmed his place in the top 3 of Big Boss. His journey started as a jungle dweller of Bigg Boss, the audience liked the way he reached the main house of Bigg Boss and entertained the people. However, in the middle of the season, Karan Kundrra was lost somewhere. And bringing him back on track was done by Bigg Boss host Salman Khan. Karan Kundrra took his Punjabi to diplomacy to make a place in the hearts of the audience and his relationship with Tejashwi Prakash also made a lot of headlines. Overall, his journey in the house was quite amazing and the audience was very much liked. Because of this the audience gave him a lot of votes and took him to the top 3.

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Tejashwi Prakash

As much diplomacy has been adopted by Karan Kundra throughout this season, Tejashwi Prakash has been as clear about his point of view. Whether to confront a contestant on the issue or to keep his point openly in front of Salman Khan, Tejashwi did what he thought was right. Be it her romance with Karan in the show or the task of Bigg Boss or entertaining the audience with her quirky and bubbly antics in Bigg Boss, Tejashwi did everything with great vigor. His style may or may not have been liked by the family members, but the audience liked his firesy style and fans voted for him a lot and confirmed his place in the top 3.


Prateek Sahajpal

Prateek Sahajpal is one such member of Bigg Boss house, who has been in discussion since the beginning of Bigg Boss 15. Be it fights in his house or his friendship with female contestants, everything was well-liked by his fans and audience. However, from time to time, Salman Khan also took classes for Prateek’s aggressive behavior and he also changed himself. But one thing that he was very clear about was his game. Prateek did what he thought was right throughout the season and his fans liked the same thing along with trending him on social media, the fans also voted for him and made him in the top 3.


Shamita Shetty is one of the contestants who got eliminated from the top 3 race of Bigg Boss. Shamita Shetty received a lot of love from the audience for her laid-back behavior. Fans liked his personality a lot. Shamita also took a stand for herself and entertained her fans from time to time. But she got far fewer votes than these three, due to which her journey has ended in Bigg Boss and she is out of the winning race.

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