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Bhagya Lakshmi 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Malishka and Viraj’s engagement

Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Malishka and Viraj’s engagement:  Lakshmi in shock Viraj’s Dadu announces Malishka and Viraj’s engagement. Malishka isn’t pleased with the announcement. She doesn’t need to marry Viraj, however Rishi. She scolds Abhay for not taking her consent. She tells that she is not going to marry Viraj. She adds that he is aware of it effectively that she loves Rishi. Rishi asks Viraj why didn’t he refuse the wedding. Viraj tells that Dadu didn’t ask him. Rishi asks why is he acting like a pair right here. He shouts at Viraj. Viraj asks him why is he behaving like Malishka’s lover. She tells that Lakshmi is joyful for Malishka. Dadu congratulates Kiran. Kiran tells that they shall ask Viraj and Malishka as soon as.

Ayush is very joyful that Malishka is leaving Rishi’s life perpetually. He tells Kiran that each Malishka and Viraj look they’re already in love. Lakshmi tells that she is also happy for Viraj and Malishka. Dadu tells that he didn’t ask Viraj and Malishka their decision, and announced their marriage. He doesn’t assume he did fallaciously. Rishi tells Viraj that he is aware of Malishka effectively, who can by no means think of marrying someone else. Viraj asks who does she need to marry. Rishi goes away in search of Malishka.

Dadu tells Lakshmi that when Malishka will get married to Viraj, it will likely be good for Lakshmi as effectively. Rishi meets Malishka to know her decision about Viraj. He doesn’t need her to get engaged. She tells that she will be able to promise him of breaking apart with Viraj, but in a situation that Rishi will even break up with Lakshmi right away, proper right here. Rishi tells that he accepts her condition, he is able to marry her properly now.

Lakshmi will get puzzled when Dadu tells her that he has seen one thing that no one has seen it. Dadu tells that Lakshmi can risk her life to avoid wasting somebody, however, she’s going to never tolerate lies and cheat. He needs that nothing wrong happens with Lakshmi. He tells Abhay that Lakshmi is a pleasant man and deserves a real relationship. Lakshmi will get to see Rishi and Malishka sharing a hug. Rishi guarantees to marry Malishka and hugs her.

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th November 2021 Written Update 

Kiran asks Viraj about Malishka. Viraj tells that she has gone towards the hall. He asks Rishi to come back with him and converse with his Dadu, he’ll refuse to marry Malishka and attempt to convince Dadu. Rishi accompanies him. Malishka tells that she loves Rishi rather a lot. Abhay asks her to not say this reality which has already been modified. He asks her to know the which means. He tells that Viraj is a good person, her future can be secured, he doesn’t know her previous and he or she shouldn’t inform him about Rishi. He can see her good future and happiness with Viraj. He tells that it will likely be a blessing if she marries Viraj.

She tells that she simply loves Rishi. He tells that Rishi left her life already. He needs her to accept the reality. He tells that Rishi is not going to depart Lakshmi after one yr, a wedding is set by fate, its for lifetime. She asks him why did his marriage break. He tells that Kiran wanted a slave than a life partner. He asks her to know the wedding relation. He tells that Lakshmi has all of the qualities of an excellent wife, Rishi will perceive her love and settle for her quickly. He tells that Rishi will quickly fall for Lakshmi and forget Malishka. He asks her to cease lying to herself, Rishi won’t ever depart Lakshmi with none large motive, he’s a man of ideas. He tells them that he has proven the fact to her, however, he’ll settle for her decision. She breaks down. 

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