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Asia’s largest meta office opened in India, know its merits

Asia's largest meta office in india

Asia’s largest meta office opened in India, known its merits Meta, formerly known as Facebook. A new office of this meta company has been opened in India. It is the largest meta office in Asia. Union Minister Rajiv Chandrashekhar inaugurated the new office of META. This company is the first office in Asia after becoming a Meta company, which comes with a standalone facility. Meta Office is located in Gurugram, Delhi NCR. It is also the largest office in Asia in terms of space. META’s new office is built on an area of ​​130,000 sq ft. The Center for Fueling India’s New Economy (C-FINE) will also be located in this office. The company has set a target of training 10 million small businessmen and entrepreneurs and 250,000 creators in the next three years.

Rajeev Chandrashekhar said that technology is driving entrepreneurship and driving investment and economic growth. I am hopeful that initiatives like C-Fine, where technology is positioned to fuel entrepreneurship and innovation and empower youth across the country, will fulfill their dreams and that is exactly what the power of internet and technology should be.”


  • Ajit Mohan, Vice-President, and Managing Director, Facebook India (META), said that we will have the largest team in the country. This office will be open to everyone participating in the change.
  • Together with C-FINE, Meta will experiment with innovations in the world of technology. By which the use of technology like AR and VR will be promoted in the direction of education, study, economics, and health facilities. This center will work on important issues like the safety of women and children.
  • Meta year 2006 started in India under the name Facebook. The company started with just one app in Hyderabad. At that time the company had 15 million users, whose number has increased to 400 million.
  • Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp apps work under Meta. META with C-FINE will skill one billion Indians. Due to which large-scale jobs will be created.
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