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Are Harriet and Leyla Harding dead? Revealed


Emmerdale: Are Harriet and Leyla Harding dead? Revealed: Recently, there is news coming out on the internet that is Harriet and Leyla were dead. There is some rumor going on the internet that both were dead. Is it true that both were dead? Let’s find out in this article. Emmerdale characters Harriet and Leyla were both in serious danger in tonight’s episode (Tuesday, February 15) but are they both dead? These are the questions that have circulated all over the internet. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Harriet and Leyla Harding dead

Are Harriet and Leyla Harding dead?

Billy and Dawn, a married couple, were taken to a remote viaduct by Meena. She told Billy that he had to pick between saving himself and Dawn, or they would both be killed if he didn’t. Billy informed her that he had chosen to save Dawn. In the meantime, guests at the wedding celebration were concerned that Dawn and Billy had not arrived, so Leyla went out to find them. When she got to the viaduct she saw Billy and Dawn with Meena who was holding a gun and backed her car away. Meena shot at the car and soon it stopped moving and Leyla fell unconscious, clearly hurt.

Harriet and Leyla Harding dead


Is Harriet and Leyla both are dead or it is just humor?

Yes, it’s true that Harrie and Leyla were in a relationship, and there was something that both of them have some serious relationship problem. For that sake, the two got rid of Leyla’s car keys and made out that Leyla was dead. However, Meena held Dawn over the viaduct and prepared to shoot her. Leyla opened her car door and fell to the ground which she was distracting to Meena. Dawn then attempted to attack Meena. Dawn decided to kill Meena, but the killer warned her that if she did, she would lose her son Lucas. Harriet was found comatose on the floor at home, with blood pouring from her skull. This was the brutal part that the blood is coming from her head which was very disgusting.

Harriet and Leyla Harding dead

The fact that serial killer Meena is back in the village begins to dawn on the residents. As the dramatic week progress, more than one life hangs in the balance. Will Meena’s good fortune run out? Is Harriet going to be found and aided? Looking for more Emmerdale spoilers? You can get your Emmerdale fix ahead of time by visiting Entertainment Daily’s dedicated Emmerdale spoilers area. Emmerdale airs on ITV weeknights at 7 p.m., with an additional episode airing on Thursdays at 8 p.m.


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