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Anupama 6 December 2021 Written Update: very interesting

Anupama 6 December 2021 Written Update Today’s episode is going to be very interesting, it starts with Vanraj where he says that Kavya I need a divorce from you whether you think this of as revenge of Anupama or just my decision or as karma paying you back but I just need this divorce to be done today and now. After listening to this entire family gets shocked and Kavya is left speechless. Vanraj continues by saying that Kavya you have one day time and then I need your signature on divorce papers affirmatively and leaves angrily to his room. Follow More Update On Newsminatii.in
After all this, in the next scene, the function is put to an end, and all the guest leaves except Dolly and Anupama so that they can explain Vanraj and make him change his mind about the divorce.
Dolly asks Anupama to talk to Vanraj and tell him not to do this, he should not do one mistake twice. He cannot destroy one more life, he’ll understand you Anupama. 
In another scene, Vanraj is seen tearing all the photos of him and Kavya together and forgets all the memories made with her, while Kavya starts collecting those photos and cries in front of him. Kavya says that please Vanraj don’t do this I’ll do whatever you’ll say, just forgive me and stay with me, you know I cannot live without you, I’ll die if this happens. After listening to this Vanraj holds Kavya’s hands and gets closer to her this makes her think that he has realized his mistake but instead Vanraj says no one can die just because their heart is broken, because if this happens then Anupama’s heart has also broken my own heart is also broken and god knows how many heartbroken people are there but no one died.
This shocks Kavya and Vanraj pushes her and she falls down. Kavya starts thinking this is all Anupama’s fault and she is the reason everything is falling apart, she thinks of taking Vanraj to her side first, and then she’ll handle Anupama. Vanraj continues to break things and destroy photos. 
In the next scene, Anupama enters the room to talk to Vanraj but when she enters she sees that Kavya is crying in the corner and saying nothing to Vanraj and he is very angry and breaking things. 
All of this makes Anupama remember that how Vanraj used to say that he wants to become a winner from being a loser and he has no space for Kavya in his heart and he doesn’t want to fight anymore and want success ahead. 
Anupama thinks that whether this need for success is making Mr. Shah crazy and this can make him do many wrong things. A human can do all the bad things to make himself successful he doesn’t see whether it is right or wrong he just makes decisions according to his need and Vanraj was becoming one. 
The episode ends here and in the upcoming episode, we’ll see that whether Kavya will sign the papers or not because Vanraj is not changing his mind. Will Anupama be able to handle Vanraj or all the other members of the house will make Vanraj understand his decision.
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