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Anupama 14 December 2021 Written Update: Bang twist this week


Anupama 14 December 2021 Written Update Star Plus’s famous serial Anupama’s story is going to have a bang twist this week. Soon Malvika will enter the story of the show. Soon after, Malvika will start harassing Anuj and Anupama. After Kavya and Vanraj, now Malvika is going to become Anupama’s enemy. In such a situation, one after the other ups and downs are going to be seen in the story of serial Anupama. In this report, we are going to tell you about 5 big twists coming in the serial Anupama. Follow More Update On Newsminatii.in

Anupama will express love in front of Anuj

Anupama will express her love as soon as she goes to Anuj’s house. Anupama will also take heart-shaped balloons for Anuj. Anupama will be very happy as soon as she tells her heart to Anuj. However, this happiness of Anupama will not last long.


Anuj will get a new business partner

Malvika is about to take over Anuj’s business as soon as she comes back. After coming, Malvika is going to be the partner of Anuj’s business. It would not be wrong to say that Malvika will control Anuj’s personal and professional life.

Malvika will join hands with Vanraj to destroy Anupama

Malvika will come to know about Anupama and Anuj’s relationship as soon as they arrive. Malvika will plan to separate Anupama and Anuj. During this, Malvika will join hands with Vanraj. Vanraj and Malvika together will destroy Anuj’s life

Anuj will tell Anupama about Malvika as soon as he gets a chance. Anuj will tell how special Malvika is in his life. Along with this, Anuj will also tell Anupama that Malvika knows about him. However, do not tell him that at present Anuj Anupama is living together.


Kinjal and Toshu will patch up

Kinjal and Toshu are also going to be patched up because of Anupama. In the coming episodes, Kinjal and Toshu will sit and talk. After Anuj’s accident, there will be a huge change in Paritosh’s behavior. Paritosh will also agree to stay with Anupama at Anuj’s house.

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