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Anupama 10th December 2021 Written Update: Anuj’s accident has badly broken Anupama


Anupama 10th December 2021 Written Update: Anuj’s accident has badly broken Anupama Anupamaa Latest Twist: In the upcoming episode of Rupali Ganguly’s famous TV serial ‘Anupama’, Anuj’s health is going to deteriorate. Meanwhile, Anupama is about to take the biggest decision of her life.  Follow More Update On Newsminatii.in


Anupama is once again facing difficulties in Star Plus’ superhit serial ‘Anupamaa’. Anuj’s accident has badly broken Anupama. However, Anupama is still not ready to accept that she is in love with Anuj. In Rupali Ganguly’s Sudhanshu Pandey and Gaurav Khanna starrer serial ‘Anupama’, you have seen so far, some robbers surround Anuj and Anupama. These goons try to hold Anupama’s hand. During this, Anuj fiercely washes these goons. One of the goons hits Anuj with a stick on his head. After which Anupama takes Anuj to the hospital.

Anupama gets nervous seeing Anuj’s condition. Meanwhile, another earthquake is about to come in Anupama’s life. In the upcoming episode of the serial Anupamaa Upcoming Episode, you will see Vanraj will support Anupama. Anupama will tell Vanraj that Anuj has expressed his love for her.

Vanraj will understand that Anupama is also in love with Anuj. On the other hand, Samar will get a call from the police. Samar will learn that Anuj and Anupama have been attacked. Vanraj will tell the truth to Samar. Samar will tell the family members about the incident. After which Baa and Bapuji will get very upset. After Anuj’s accident, Baa will curse herself fiercely.

Anuj’s condition will suddenly deteriorate in the ICU. Anupama will lose her sense of humor as Anuj’s health deteriorates. Anupama will be crying out for herself. After which the doctors will start preparing for Anuj’s brain surgery.

After Anuj’s accident, Anupama will realize how much she has started loving Anuj. In such a situation, Anupama will agree to marry Anuj for the second time. However, Anupama will have to face a lot of problems before marriage.

Forgetting everything in the hospital, Paritosh will support his mother. Paritosh will take care of Anupama in bad times. At the same time, the rest of the family will also reach the hospital.

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Vanraj will support Anupama in the hospital. Kavya will get upset seeing this change in Vanraj’s behavior. Kavya will understand that Vanraj is supporting Anupama and Anuj under some plan.

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