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83 Box Office Collection Day 1: 83 Movie Review, Hit or Flop, Audience reaction

83 box office collection day 1

83 Box Office Collection Day 1: 83 Movie Review, Hit or Flop, Audience reaction The last few months have come as new challenges for those handling the marketing of Hindi films. Reliance Entertainment’s Friday release ’83’ has had to bear the brunt of making Mumbai its entire target to be the whole of India or to make its films reach as many metro cities as possible. According to the data received till Saturday morning, the opening day of the film ’83’ has been much less than expected and if the film’s earnings do not increase on Saturday and Sunday, then the film will also find it difficult to reach Rs 150 crore at the box office. There was a lot of commotion in the film’s releasing company Reliance Entertainment. The employees of the company kept on taking collection reports of the film every two hours on Saturdays, despite being a holiday. It is believed that the collection of the film will be better on Saturday than Friday. Follow More Update On Newsminatii.in

83 Box Office Collection Day

According to the figures released by Reliance Entertainment, which released the film ’83‘, on Saturday evening, the film has earned a total of Rs 12.64 crore in India on Friday. In this, the highest-grossing film was Rs 2.82 crore in Maharashtra and the second number was Rs 2.50 crore in Delhi-UP. Apart from these two film distribution areas, the film could not cross the Rs 2 crore mark anywhere. The film has earned Rs 1.34 crore in Punjab and Rs 1 crore in Gujarat. Apart from these, the business of the film remained below Rs 1 crore in all other film distribution sectors. The film also did not get a good response in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

83 box office collection worldwide

The film ’83’ is produced by Deepika Padukone’s production house KA Productions and Vishnu Induri’s Vibri Films in association with Reliance Entertainment. The film was completed at the beginning of last year itself, but due to the Corona transition period, the film’s release was repeatedly postponed. Another problem with Reliance Entertainment is that there is a lot of anger among the theater owners against the people in its marketing and sales departments. Due to the ongoing tussle over profit-sharing at the time of the release of the first ‘Sooryavanshi’ and then ’83’, ‘Sooryavanshi’ failed to touch the magic figure of Rs 200 crore box office collection. And, now the opening of the film ’83’ has not even reached Rs 20 crore.

For the past two weeks, the same discussion went on among the film market watchers as to how much the opening day of the film ’83’ would be. Even those who showed a lot of enthusiasm about the film were assuming its opening to be around Rs 20 crore and it was also being said that if this film could not even take such an opening, then the coming days would be very difficult for Hindi cinema. The marketing people of the film ’83’ did not allow this film to become a film of the masses. The general public could not connect with the way its entire hype was designed. This idea of ​​giving the film a “classy” touch spoiled the bounty of the film ’83’.

83 movie Hit or Flop

According to Reliance Entertainment, the film ’83’ has taken an opening of only Rs 12.64 crore on the first day. This is much less than expected. It was believed in the morning that the film has taken an opening of about Rs 15 crore on the first day, but the figures of the entire states completed by the afternoon cleared the situation of the film. Advance booking of the film was very weak and on Friday all the theaters showing the film remained empty. The film has suffered heavy losses in the Delhi, UP, and East Punjab film distribution areas, which are believed to be the real-life hero of the film, Kapil Dev.

The film ’83’ is the story of that era. Then India also used to play cricket bus. Winning was not in his habit. All the players of the cricket team had also made plans to go to the 1983 World Cup in such a way that the return tickets had been booked before the final and some had left from here to prepare to travel to America. The film ’83’ is a triumph of the uncertainties of cricket. And, in the 1983 World Cup, the Indian cricket team did charisma by winning this victory.

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